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About Us

Greenlight Staffing Services, Inc. is a boutique healthcare and information technology search firm specializing in conducting confidential searches nationwide. Our company has a passion for finding you the right employee for your company that will bring you to the next level. It’s important to us that our facility clients view working with Greenlight Staffing as an investment toward achieving a higher level of excellence.

Some areas of expertise include physicians, directors of nursing, healthcare executives, software developers, quality assurance engineers, product managers, program managers and other technology professionals. Greenlight utilizes a unique and personalized approach to the recruiting process to offer a different and high quality experience for its clients. Rather than peruse the resumes on big name websites or distribute leads from job board candidates to our recruiters, we take a more comprehensive, tenacious approach with individual attention. We actively seek out the best of the best and focus heavily on word of mouth referrals.

Quality Control
Every candidate submitted is fully vetted by an experienced technical or healthcare recruiter.

Greenlight employs a low volume/high quality approach to recruiting resulting in a simpler and time saving experience for its clients.

Every candidate submitted by Greenlight has been thoroughly screened, interviewed, and qualified for a specific position. The result is a ratio of submitted candidates to placed candidates that is second to none.

Exceptional service
The team at Greenlight goes the extra mile to insure its clients have the best representation within the highly competitive tech and healthcare industries.

The team at Greenlight Staffing Services is able to leverage their knowledge and contacts within the industry to build exceptional teams for both healthcare and high tech companies nationwide. In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive healthcare and high tech industries, the highest quality, effective organization wins. That organization is us.

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